Schneider Consolidated

Schneider Consolidated Inc. was started in 2015 with the vision of assisting and advising small, start-up companies with their statutory and accounting needs with a particular emphasis tax compliance.

Since incorporation the company has grown according to the needs of our clients. This lead us to establish a bookkeeping and payroll department to assist our clients with all their processing needs while still remaining on top of their compliance and advising on cost savings.

Latest Technologies

To assist our clients with cost savings we recommend and use the latest technologies such as Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Receipt-Bank to process the daily income and expenses. This in turns assist us in producing intelligent reports for our clients on a timely basis so that they can make informed and on-time decisions.

Adobe Sign

To further save our clients time we use Adobe Sign. There is thus no need to print out any documents for signature and the scan and send them back to us. The e-signatures can be done with easy from you computer, tablet or smartphone. All signatures are compiled and the document is saved in Adobe’s Document Cloud. Once all parties have signed, a copy will be emailed automatically to all interested parties. This is also in line with the company’s policy of using digital where possible and reducing its carbon footprint by reducing our paper outputs.